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Back tagging: No problem; go for it.
Violence: Absolutely; he can dish it and take it.
Sexual: If prompted by the situation, sure thing.

Please feel free to post any comments or constructive criticism here.

Alternatively, you can IM me at NikoYG, PM me or e-mail me @ niko[dot]ford[at]spectrumvoid[dot]net.
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Due to the nature of Sherlock's unique mind and thought process, please fill out the provided form for each character that you wish to engage Sherlock with in a comment to this entry. This will help ensure Sherlock's ability to deduce information is not used to god-mod against your character's ability to maintain secrets.

Thank you,
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The complete compilation of the story of Sherlock Holmes and Captain John H. Watson M.D. in Wonderland, comprised of the posts, replies and logs of [personal profile] not_a_hero & [personal profile] was_a_soldier.*

2012 )
*Does not include posts, logs, replies, etc. not relevant to their relationship.
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Response to this thread.

In Defense of Love )

*RP-ed via AIM by Niko and Em
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After this post.

Morning )

*RP-ed via AIM by Niko and Em
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PG-13 Make-Out Session - Wizard Event )

*RP-ed via AIM by Niko and Em
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After this log.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall )

*RP-ed via AIM by Niko and Em
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Happy Birthday, John )

*RP-ed via AIM by Niko and Em
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Name: Niko
LJ: [personal profile] nikoshinigami
E-Mail: niko[dot]ford[at]spectrumvoid[dot]net
IM: NikoYG

Character Name: Sherlock Holmes
Series: Sherlock (BBC)
Timeline: End of Season Two
Canon Resource Link: Wiki Canon Article Wiki Character Article (Note: In the 2010 series Sherlock is younger and in a contemporary setting. Some details are different but the core remains.)

Everything Else )


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